[Information] Experimental CachyOS Handheld Edition

Are there any updates to this? I can’t seem to change the vibrancy of the screen and vibrantdeck doesn’t work.

Ive asked in the discord channel:

this is gamescope for sure. If it's running CachyOS, one of the ChimeraOS patches in gamescope-plus is not working for that device for some reason

So, this came likely due the recent gamescope-plus update. We needed to do this, since otherwise we were not able to build it.

Anyways, you can try the default gamescope. sudo pacman -S gamescope

Yes on discord they released a beta testing iso and all of it works :slight_smile:

Saying that I’m sure the sound is low compared to Steam OS can someone confirm.

I created the pipewire.conf file with the specified content and placed it in the given path, then rebooted, but it didn’t solve the problem. I also didn’t have the pipewire/pipewire.conf.d/ directories, so I created them. When I run pipewire, I get a “Resource busy” error and a module loading error.

I try put this file to /etc/pipewire/pipewire.conf.d/ directory but this not resolve problem

Video https://youtube.com/shorts/SAoCGh-l0IQ?si=xOQs0yerwRImVzxx


I ask ChatGPT about this problem and ChatGPT make for me config.
This config resolve problem

Context properties configuration

context.properties = {
# Set default quantum to balance between latency and performance
default.clock.quantum = 512 # Increase to 1024 if needed
default.clock.min-quantum = 64 # Minimum quantum value
default.clock.max-quantum = 1024 # Maximum quantum value, can be increased to 2048
default.clock.quantum-limit = 1024 # Quantum limit, can be increased to 2048

# ALSA specific settings to improve compatibility and performance
api.alsa.period-size = 1024  # Increase period size, can be set to 2048 if needed
api.alsa.headroom = 8192     # Increase headroom
api.alsa.disable-mmap = true # Disable memory-mapped I/O for ALSA
api.alsa.disable-batch = true # Disable batch processing for ALSA

# Set node latency
node.latency = 1024/48000  # Adjust latency based on sample rate


UPD2: Sound start work if I reload service with hand. After rebooting sound cracking again.

I have the same issue.


systemctl --user restart wireplumber pipewire pipewire-pulse temporarly solve the issue but no modification of pipewire config solve it.

It is also happening when launching the game from desktop mode.

I was thinking of installing CachyOS on my SteamDeck LCD.
Will everything work? TDP?
What’s missing compared to SteamOS?
Can I update the firmware?
Thank you.

Yes, there is mostly everything included, which you find on SteamOS.

The only missing one, is updating the BIOS, but this should also come soon.

Does that include the Steam deck OLED or does it have less or has the bios update?

Yesterday, I installed updates on my Rog Ally and noticed that Radeon FSR stopped working, which resulted in a drop in performance. Additionally, the scaling option in the settings is no longer working. The scaling slider moves, but the image does not change. I updated my system four days ago and did not experience these issues. It’s possible that there have been changes in MESA or something else. I checked this in Steam Mode.

I use “Zen 4/5 optimized Repository Testing”

Gamescope has been updated. If its using the internal algorithm this could be likely, does dowgrading “gamescope-plus” fixes it?

sudo pacman -U https://archive.cachyos.org/archive/cachyos/gamescope-plus-3.14.18.plus1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

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This resolve problem, thanks