[Information] Experimental CachyOS Handheld Edition

What is CachyOS Handheld Edition?

CachyOS Handheld is an own Edition, which is thought to be used by Handheld Devices, like the Asus Ally, MSI Claw and Lenovo Legion.

The Handheld Edition comes with a bunch of scripts, which uses the Gamemode.
The Gamemode is a equal implementation like SteamOS provides for the switching between the Desktop and GameMode.
Also it does preinstall all required tools for Gaming.

CachyOS Handheld uses as default the scx_lavd scheduler, which is developed for Gaming purposes on handhelds. scx_lavd provides a very great expierence for these devices.

Supported Hardware

Currently CachyOS Handheld is on following devices tested:

  • Asus Ally
  • Lenovo Legion GO
  • MSI Claw

The SteamDeck OLED support is still pending, since we are facing problems that the controller is not working, when the device is in gamemode.
The SteamDeck LCD is currently completely untested.

This can be generally also installed on normal hardware, but it is currently untested and its planned to have it tested, when the Edition comes out of the experimental status.


Following Features CachyOS Handheld offers:

  • automatic detection for CPU March and uses automatically the optimized repository
  • All required tools for Gaming comes preinstalled
  • Gamemode like feature
  • scx_lavd is used as default scheduler, which is funded by Valve and thought for handhelds
  • gamescope-session configured
  • Steam Deck Hardware Support
  • Steam Deck Sound support
  • SteamDeck Fan Control

and the common CachyOS Features.

The installation works currently via calamares and supports only KDE for now.



Known Bugs

  • Steam Deck OLED Controller is not working properly
  • Be aware that this is an experimental release and you can expect bugs


i got failed install with legion go. and wifi also doesn’t work in live cd. here is the log. https://termbin.com/rl1e


it seems like you have a too small boot parition:

==> Creating zstd-compressed initcpio image: '/boot/initramfs-linux-cachyos-fallback.img'
cat: write error: No space left on device
bsdtar: Write error
bsdtar: Write error

Please use the Erase Disk Option or increase your boot partition.

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The “Deckify” Edition got renamed, since the company https://deckify.com does own an trademark in the US.

Currently the “Deckify” Trademark would not conflict with our name, since we are located in Europe and Russia, but to avoid further law suites/stress we change it to a more generic name.

to avoid further conflict, we will rename this Edition to “CachyOS Handheld Edition”.

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I got error on installation, what can I do https://termbin.com/j4bb

It fails fetching the mirrorlist from github or archlinux:

--> name 'arch'; mirrorlist_path '/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist'; special_arch ''
# STARTED AT: 2024-05-15 22:21:44.571879772 +07:00
# ARGS: rate-mirrors --allow-root --save=/tmp/tmp.IcvCWkje3x arch --fetch-mirrors-timeout=30000 --completion=1 --max-delay=21600
Error: failed to connect to , consider increasing fetch-mirrors-timeout

Please use a proper DNS Server, if your ISP one is blocking it. You can also change it in the ISO the DNS Server to or you do that on your router.

Didn’t work

Its not a issue on our side.
As written above, I guess you have problems connecting to github and fetching the archlinux mirrorlist.

Try a VPN, different DNS or better internet connection.

I noticed that you guys said steam deck lcd is untested. If you need someone to test I’d be more than happy to help out !

Actually, we have now integrated most Steam Deck OLED stuff quite well.
We are not sure, how this run on the LCD Steam Deck, but it should be improved.

In the future we will also add an own chwd profile to automatically detect OLED / LCD or any other device and configure to it needs instead of shipping an all in one package.

Would be cool, if you test and give some feedback.

@nekoh is mainly maintaining this package.

Sounds good! Before I install this to my steam deck does this support Decky loader? Well I guess I should just try huh?

UPDATE: so I tried to install this to my lcd deck. i got to the welcome screen for the installer but there’s an issue with the scaling and resolution. its scaled to 175%. The screens orientation is also wrong. If i go into settings and try to fix it i get a black screen and the deck become unresponsive. Please fix the screen issues and then I’ll try again. As of now this doesn’t seem usable on the lcd deck. Not until it possible to install.

We have updated the Handheld ISO, the new Link can be found here:


@360_D This should now fix your issues with the scaling and everything will work fine. (Hopefully) :slight_smile:

Sorry, I need to rebuild the ISO due a missing package, which is required for the scaling.
Update should be available in a few minutes.

The scaling and rotation now gets properly applied for the iso

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Sweeeeeeeeet. I’m gonna try this out now. Would be great to know if there’s the same updaters in this as bazzite. We still get bios updates and whatnot. Is that the same here?

Okay so I tried installing and the installer just crashes saying that Pac-Man failed to run. What’s going on?

EDIT: I restarted the installer and everything worked this time for some reason I don’t know why that happened

I’m back again with a bug report after some testing!

  1. the power button isn’t responding to long presses and giving the shutdown menu. The open source project bazzite has this working so I know it can be done. Maybe reach out to a dev over there?

  2. You failed to implement the steam download fix so while I have a gig connection I’m only getting 24 mb down where I normally get at least 40mb down from steam servers. This is a known issue and bazzite also has implemented this out of the box. Maybe you guys can ask them about this as well? They have a website, discord, and GitHub for communication.

  1. We did not integrated a hardware detection yet as default, but it has been already commited. This will change/enable the kernel cmdline to make general things improved. Anyways, you can enable the steam-powerbuttond.service
  2. Actually, this should be patched, but we will look into. We know about this issue and it should be solved with following patch: CachyOS-PKGBUILDS/handheld/steam/deckify.patch at master · CachyOS/CachyOS-PKGBUILDS · GitHub

I have added the upstream valve power button daemon. next handheld package update should contain it. Just to be sure install the powerbuttond package