So many kernels

Hello everyone, I have a question of the sorts someone here way smarter than I would, could. I’m wondering why does Cachy have so many kernels, now I’m not exactly a Linux pro or anywhere near that, but I feel confident where if something breaks I can fix it, so I feel I’m not some dummy. But what is the point to so many kernel options and what do they provide/do over the other kernels we have to choose from. This might be a dumb question, but I’m genuinely curious on why so many and which one to use that’s best for me.

Thanks -Mike

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Check out the wiki for an list, CachyOS Kernel | CachyOS

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Thanks buddy, this is exactly what I was looking for. Looking at this a little closer, I could have sworn I came across this a while back. Anyway thanks man I really appreciate this.

The forum, cachyos and arch wiki are the first places I go when doing research.
Furthermore, as far as I know, arch linux is the most comprehensively documented operating system. What more could you want? :smiling_face:

Default one is pretty much the best one. Look at the kernel like your waiter, if your are not experienced. You might have some improvement here and there for tasks. I have tested a few of em, but i feel like the default one is the best one for me. Im a heavy gamer, i could see to change kernel under a few games, but im not at that level, that i need to change. Best experince overall was the default one as well. But you have the option if there are something special you need for your system, filesystem, program, games and HW. Its like a buffet on chachy for every taste that you have :slight_smile: