Pacman XferCommand Fails

As mentioned from my prior topic, I was planning on migrating from Endeavour to Cachy.

I have two Intel NUC machines, one with nVIDIA and one that is Intel integrated only. Since you mentioned about already using 555, I’m going to keep the NUC with nVIDIA on EndeavourOS for now because the RTX 2060 may no longer be supported with newer series (I haven’t done detailed research, but with issues reported in the nVIDIA forums, I’m being cautious for now).

As for my Intel only NUC, I started preparations to upgrade to Cachy from Endeavour.

Since there’s so many packages that will be updated and applicable to my other system, I wanted to use a shared pacman cache. It involves using the XferCommand in /etc/pacman.conf.

Unfortunately developers broke the ability for pacman to use a proxy a while ago.

This is not a show stopper for typical installation of CachyOS but a terrible inconvenience nevertheless for those wanting to use a package cache for multiple ArchLinux systems.

The fix fell through the cracks. Now I’m not sure what the developers are waiting on, but for whatever reason they still haven’t made a new release since 6.1.0-3.

I have confirmed that CachyOS pacman has the same problem.

Would it be possible for you to cherry pick the fix as a minor update the CachyOS version of pacman?


Yes. we know about that issue

Main concern was that archlinux maintainers or even Allan would yell at us for shipping patch that shouldn’t be there. Archlinux maintainers of pacman package wait for Allan to release new patch version (6.1.1 · Milestones · Pacman / Pacman · GitLab).

Like we can ship that particular patch(or even all backports from arch MR) in planned update of pacman from us

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