Install Snapper + Btrfs from CachyOS Hello - feedback

Today, I attempted to set up support for creating snapshots via Snapper on a fresh installation of CachyOS (2024-05-12) using a combination of GRUB and Btrfs. The installation was initiated through the CachyOS Hello interface with a button click.

Although the installation completed successfully, it did not meet my expectations. I anticipated that the installation script would include support for displaying snapshots in GRUB during the CachyOS boot process.

Unfortunately, this feature was not included, and I had to configure it manually. Here is the procedure I followed:

  1. Install all required packages:

    paru -S --needed snapper snapper-gui snap-pac snap-pac-grub grub-btrfs btrfs-assistant
  2. Edit the root configuration to grant the wheel group permission to create snapshots:

    sudo vim /etc/snapper/configs/root

    Add the following line:

  3. Configure snap-pac:

    sudo vim /etc/snap-pac.ini

    Add the following:

    snapshot = True
  4. Update GRUB configuration:

    grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

After completing these steps, reboot the system and try creating a manual backup via btrfs-assistant.

I would appreciate it if the installation script for GRUB and Btrfs included these steps, eliminating the need for manual configuration. Alternatively, an option could be provided during the script to choose whether to install this support.


Need the snapper installer on CachyOS hello to install and completely set up Snapper including Snapper-Tools.

Snapper is already installed.
I’m not saying that the installation and running of snapshots don’t work.
I’m just saying that it’s not fully set up for inexperienced users or newcomers to Arch-based distros.
The installation script just needs to be supplemented with the steps I mentioned above (excluding the installation of packages that are already installed).


I talked with peter about the grub package he said it is a work in progress i hope it add it to the snapper support with some of his magic to make a full perfect script (the button in cachy hello )

That way it becomes more perfect as many people afraid of not using arch cuz of its rolling nature as they think rolling = unstable wich is not true

Also that way cachyos will be the first and best OS for new user / also advanced ( because windows scrowed up again and many people are changing to linux )
as they gonna be using arch with peace of mind " that doesnt mean that cachy os not stable it is rock solid stable".

But in case of Unbootable update the users will not have to suffer to restore the working state ( through command lines etc ) , they simply go to grub and boot to the perfect state (Grub-snapper)

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The whole thing needs to be rewoked to be up and running including Snapper-Tools the first time you land on the desktop after install.


Currently we do not add grub-btrfs because we support two other bootloaders.
I will check with the team if this is something we should add.

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We use btrfs-assistant instead of snapper-tools


Does btrfs assistant have a way to be able to boot from a snapshot with out the hastle of terminal emulator , just pick a snapshot > Boot

No but it has the option to restore. Booting from snapshot is only really useful when your system is non responsive which is why something like grub bootable snapshots is really good but it’s not really good for a tool.

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Yes that the point of the grub btrfs tool i think , in case of a bad update you can easily boot to a perfect usable state ( from the grub menu ) its kind the way Nixos uses But this for arch ( i think its the first if gonna be live and working )

A solid perfect Arch Distro that you can roll back in case of a bad update easily you jist boot back from a snapshot , thats the dream

You can always restore snapshots even on a different bootloader like systemd. Grub snapshot booting makes it easier for sure tho

Sure, I understand this. But only an advanced user can handle this, not a beginner. That’s why the whole suggestion came about. To make it as easy as possible for all users, regardless of their knowledge level.


OK just had a look at it and looks good.

Basically, the installation script Hello for Snapper + Btrfs needs to be improved so that the individual snapshots of system changes (I am not sure if it makes sense for home as well) are displayed in Grub at system startup.
Btrfs-assistant is an amazing tool and works flawlessly for me.

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We know how to integrate this, this is not a problem.
But it requires a correct detection of the installed bootloader.

This does not work that easy, since if the user would install the “archiso” package, it will automatically fetch grub.
As i said - I prepare something until end of the weekend for grub.

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Thats just grub-btrfs integration - not more.

Yes, it has already been confirmed many times with @ptr1337 that this is something you are already looking into adding. Discussed many times on the old forums and also here again a few weeks ago. And AGAIN here today.

@ptr1337 also said that you are also looking into how to add btrfs snapshots with systemd-boot, in the way opensuse is doing it as all the tools and howto have been made available by opensuse.

Package has been added:

a button for cachyos-hello will also come soon. Not sure, if it will go into this release, but it will come as update.


Provide detailed information on what actions are performed when the button in Hello is clicked (when it will be done).
Additionally, which steps will still be necessary, in line with what I mentioned in the first post.

You can see it in the above PKGBUILD.

It will enable and setup grub-btrfs support and it will be shown in the boot menu.