CachyOS iso on USB won't boot

I’ve tried just the iso, and also Ventoy. I keep getting a ‘key verification error’. It seems I need to turn off Secure boot?

My plan is to eventually just use Linux, but I do want to boot using the iso from USB and verify everything works.

I did some research and found some posts saying with Ventoy you need to register the key, and it will work in secure boot, but it didn’t work for me.

This is a new PC I purchased so I’m a little concerned. I don’t want to risk the current Windows install.

i hade two option when i installed, make sure you pick vtoyefi. You could also try to disable ‘Secure boot’ in your BIOS settings.

Secure Boot and TPM should ALWAYS be off.

TPM can be enabled.

If I turn secure’ boot off, will Windows still boot?
I understand if you install with it off, things are fine, I’m asking about existing install

Yes, it will

If Windows was installed with Secure Boot no it will not boot now. one wqould either rerun Windows or use the one fix out there to make Windows boot again. The latter is not reccommended.

you are ptr1337 are saying the opposite things here, so I am concerned now.

@ptr1337 info on Windows and secure boot is wrong. On top of that Secure Boot and TPM should be off in your bios. Some board have CSM and you want it off as well.