Zen 4/5 optimized Repository Testing

Ill look into enhancing it.

Yes, looks like that proton does not like avx512. I will compile it based on avx2.

Okay, thank you! Would you prefer Steam-Nativ over Steam-Runtime ?

Personally I use steam-native most games. As long games work with native - go for it. Specially on CachyOS in Native games you can see a great bump in performance (CS2 for example.)

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Okay, with Lutris → Epic Games → Remnant From the Ashes that CachyOS Proton also not work.

With Proton Experimentel it does work.
But I don’t know how to provide a log.

Oh? lutris does not have proton-cachyos.

There is only a wine variant of it.

Ahhh my fault I mean "System (cachyos-9.0 (Staging)). Yes the wine version of it. With that it does not start anymore. That was working before. There it says Proton - Experimental. When I select this it does work.

Thanks, Ill check it out with the maintainer.

Awesome, beside of that the game runs smooth I play it with a friend right now. He say’s he can’t see my game but with the Shift+F3 invite it was successful and he joined so that we can play together. G-Sync is working too.

Is System (cachyos-9.0 (Staging)) in Lutris wine variant of proton-cachyos?