Why is plasma-addons not in the distro?

I would like to know why plasma-addons is not included when it’s need for a lot of the widgets?

You can install it here:

We don’t want to bloat the installation with dozens of plasma packages. Every user can decide on its own.


It’s a key package that should be installed cause it’s needed for a lot of the widgets and doing a search using info from the error message when trying to add a widget comes up with very little. Most won’t know that that file is what they need. I only found it as fast as I did cause I ran into this issue before.

I agree. I made the exact same post last year when I started using cachyos.

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Yea this is one file that should be in the ISO.

It’s not adding every addon out of the box and you damn well know it. It’s a required backgroud dependency for the addons one does want to add after installing the OS. Let’s keep the BS to one’s self.

Gee awfully silent after being called out on your BS.

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You know what? Yeah your right. Because I mistook them for being widgets. Does that make what I said BS? No it just shows that I wasn’t paying deeper attention to the conversation. Kde has so much optional stuff that it can be rather frustrating to get rid of the features I don’t need. To me they come off as being add ons. The same way Gnome has their fair share of undesirable stuff. I still stand by my stance that I prefer less bloat if given the option. I apologize for any raw feelings I may have caused you. And I kind of see your point here.

Please do not provoke conflicts.

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Pease call out the actual person that started the BS and not the one that called them out. THANKS