Where's the swag?

If such things were to exist, I’d wear t-shirts, hoodies, and ball caps with a nice rendering of the CachyOS logo on them. I had a New Year’s resolution of dropping a ton of weight, which I’ve done, and I am having to buy new clothes to fit my less-swarthy frame.

The blue and green CachyOS logo would look nice on various apparel options!


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Funny Post :smiley:

Generally, we have planned to work on some merchandise at the End of Year, even tough we want to go to several printers and co to check quality, durability and co.

Such computer stickers with CachyOS Logo in Holo is also planned :slight_smile:


I laugh at OS’s that offer swag.

Over the last year, my views on Microsoft have evolved from, “Microsoft is ok, but just an inferior product for my use-case,” to more of a “Microsoft is the evil empire let’s burn 'em down” seething hatred. So I’m irrational enough now to make Linux a large part of my wardrobe!

Thank you, Peter! I’m looking forward to buying one of everything :grin:

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To me, it’s not any worse than wearing pro-sports team or gaming-themed apparel. Heck, this week I rediscovered a “Elect Gaius Baltar, Colonial President” t-shirt that I’d forgotten about. I guess what I’m saying is that I already make questionable fashion choices :rofl:

And you won’t catch me wearing any of that. I will not advertise deliberately for ANYONE or ANYTHING.

I would honestly consider buying it. I am very happy with CachyOS so far which entices me towards supporting it through buying merch.


Make a damn donation then, and don’t contribute to more JUNK being manufactured. :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

As you see written above, that we do not want to provide “Junk” merchandise.

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Edit: Look, I will consider donating when my financial situation improves. As for my criticism, don’t take it too personally. It is meant to be constructive criticism rather then vindictive. I want CachyOS to be successful. Sometimes it might require a little scrutiny to make it work out.

Did you even read my comment? Where did I use the words junk? Did I encourage anyone to make junk merch? I never asked for junk. And quite frankly, I am not very enthused about people making rash assumptions about me. Me expressing interest in any sort of merch apparently means I support manufacturing junk. Forget it. I don’t think I feel comfortable buying any of it after being insulted like this. Using face palm emojis. Disrespecting potential customers/consumers is no winning way to attract interest in supporting developers.

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I will be VERY blunt as to say there is ENOUGH over-manufacturing as there is. We as a world need to cut back on our consumption.

Joseph, ComingCowGirl is not representative of CachyOS (neither am I for that matter). Please don’t let them influence how you feel or what you think of about CachyOS … or anything else humanly conceivable:grin:

As for me, once they’re available, I’m buying CachyOS shirts for me, my partner, children, parents and extended family, pets, friends from college and high school, stocking stuffers for children at the orphanage, etc., etc.

And there is no way that CachyOS the Flamethrower could ever be referred to as “junk” :+1:


**DO NOT DELIBERATELY TAKE WHAT I SAID OUT OF CONTEXT AGAIN.**I never said nor implied that there is anything wrong with CachyOS and you know it. I said we don not need more junk like cups, cozy, tee shirts, etc… manufactured. Folks I suggest you ignore nickf"s mislieading post above.

Well that’s not your decision to make and stop being rude. I would rock a shirt all day, even more since it bugs you so much.


No one was making a decision and you damn well know it. The only rude one’s are the peeps DELIBERATELY taking thing out of context.

Great idea.

This would also help establish cachyos as a mainstream/known distro by spreading the cachyos awareness as people would be making social media posts with pictures of their merchandise, etc…

And don’t forget that this added revenue stream would also help with user confidence in the distro’s survivability.

→ cachyos becomes bigger, more established.

→ marketing, while at the same time being useful to people like me who also need a new mouse pad :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been looking for a sticker for a long time that would sensibly cover the Apple logo on the laptop lid :smile: