What ensures that Cachyos will continue as a project, and what is the roadmap?

I’ve been using Linux for over 5 years now, and I can confidently say that I’m an advanced user - (an ethical hacker and developer).

I’ve tried more than 30 distributions, 5 of which are mainstream, and I’ve distro-hopped a lot until I found Cachyos not long ago. Honestly, I’m amazed at how an Arch-based distribution can achieve such perfection and stability. (I’m thinking of switching back to NixOS.)

Last night, I had a thought that concerned me: what if the developer of Cachyos decided to discontinue the project? Who would then be responsible for this amazing project? What if the development rate slows down or the update times get longer, because, as we all know, life gets in the way (everyone has a personal life that needs attention)? What would happen to the project if any of these scenarios occurred?

Finally, I want to thank all the developers working on this project for their hard work in making it more and more perfect. Keep up the great work Also, thanks to this amazing community. I hope I get some answers to put my mind at ease and ensure that CachyOS will continue to thrive for at least another 5 or 10 years, maybe.

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Glad that you like and found CachyOS!

what if the developer of Cachyos decided to discontinue the project?

CachyOS is currently not about just one developer. There are 4 main people behind this project, where two people have access to the payments, donations, server and domain information.
If anything happens to these two persons, all details are saved and can be accessed by other verified persons (In my case my parents, which also have contact information’s to the other developers).
Also, everything is open source and can be handled by other person’s.
Currently it is not planned to stop the development on CachyOS. There are more plans, like expanding CachyOS, so that we can work on this project on full time and we are looking for some supporters for that to make that possible.

Of course, we have also a private life and at some point this will probably also get more, but ive explained above, that the goal is to work at full time on this project, so that we have time to handle both of that.

Who would then be responsible for this amazing project?

Explained in above answer.


Glad to hear that i Wish the best for all the cachyos team, devs , and community .