Visual glitches/artifact when changing resolution

Hey everyone,

I’m facing this issue with cachyos since 5 weeks ago where changing resolution results in visual glitchs, no matter the resolution. Switching to another distro things work normally, windows too.

Just some additional information:

  1. Fresh cachyos kde install.
  2. CPU amd 8845hs/gpu 780m
  3. Laptop native resolution is 2880x1800

did you try changing the adaptive sync under systemsettings->display and monitor-> adaptive sync to auto, on, or off?

Yes, I did. Nothing changed. However, switching to normal Linux kernel from /core repo. I was able to switch display normally without any issues (even I got more resolution config detected)

I don’t know what else to do then. If it is a kernel problem, that is outside my expertise.
Edit: NVM my display cable question, It would be very difficult to test that.

Thanks for the help, but I switched from cachyos kernel to normal Linux kernel. I think the issue with the cachyos optimizations

that looks really really odd.

2 things you can try:

  1. sudo pacman -S linux-cachyos-lts linux-cachyos-lts-headers
  2. If this does not help, then sudo pacman -S mesa-git lib32-mesa-git

Yes, the LTS version Is okay. Everything work fine and was able to detect more resolutions (same aspect ratio as the laptop screen).

Btw, I trying cachyos kernel in other distro I found the same issue. It might be related optimization patches applied to AMD GPu/CPU/mesa in cachyos custom kernels.

If any logs are required, I would be happy to provide.

We do not carry an AMD patches related to GPU.

Exactly to avoid such things.

Then, any hint on what might be the culprit?

Well. There are four plausible things that could be wrong. 1. Hardware issues (most unlikely) 2. Data rot aka mishandled input output. 3. It may be driver related. A fourth and less considered possibility is a bios incompatibility. Sometimes a system bios doesn’t quite get along with Linux depending on the version. If it is related to the bios version, than you have to decide if you feel comfortable updating the bios as such a course of action could result in more problems or it could result in less problems. Most pc bios’ were designed around windows based systems rather then linux. Would I recommend it? Not really. I also would like to mention that it will probably result in secure boot getting re-enabled, so you would need to disable that after any such update before being able to boot up CachyOS.