The Gaming Package: Wine and Wine Tricks, Bugs, and Issues

It seems that the gaming packages ( from cachyos-hello ) has some bugs and issues. and I couldn’t upload the images of the bugs to the website, so I’m going to upload them to Element instead. Additionally, I couldn’t find Wine, and it appears that Winetricks is not working.

Install the cachyos-gaming-meta package:

sudo pacman -S cachyos-gaming-meta

Afaik, it installs wine-staging (and everything else for gaming, including proton-cachyos, steam, lutris, etc…)

To easily find wine, open octopi (it’s in the system menu) and search for it.

edit: winetricks is working fine for me.

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There is a button in cachyos hello that install the gaming packages in the past it also install bottles when you press it including wine lutris and many more , bottles got removed because it have some bugs , and currently winetricks have issue openning and couldnt find wine

i know that in a fresh install i could install lutris wine etc by myself without pushing that button ( gaming packages ) but i thought it also be great if dev see what is wrong, or am the only one facing this issue !

Also yestrday i installed cachyos so its new fresh install

I always use this after I’ve installed and tweaked everything else I want on the system. Replace pikaur with yay or paru or whichever AUR helper you prefer.

sudo pikaur -Sy wine-staging wine-mono wine-gecko

pikaur -S giflib lib32-giflib libldap lib32-libldap gnutls lib32-gnutls v4l-utils lib32-v4l-utils libpulse lib32-libpulse alsa-plugins lib32-alsa-plugins alsa-lib lib32-alsa-lib libxcomposite lib32-libxcomposite libxinerama lib32-libxinerama opencl-icd-loader lib32-opencl-icd-loader gst-plugins-base-libs lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs sdl2 lib32-sdl2 libgphoto2 sane cups samba dosbox
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Thank you i will try it next time :space_invader:

Yes, and above I just gave you the command to manually enter on the terminal to do this, so that you could see if it works and also easily copy/paste any errors here as you were also having problems with reporting the errors with the other method.

So I see you running around in circles instead of doing what would be moving forward with your problem? :slightly_smiling_face: