Thanks for this excellent operating system

The best Arch Linux I have used is cachy os. I am a software developer and I used macos and windows for a long time. Then I started with ubuntu and used fedora, mint, manjaro and many other linuxes that I can’t count here. I almost gave up on linux but when I met cachy os I switched to linux completely.

I just can’t decide on a desktop environment. I’m using gnome right now. I’ve also used kde but it doesn’t look good to me. I’d like to use Hyprland, if you have any suggestions I’d like to hear them. I like the way Hyprland lined up the windows.

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Glad you found and like cachyos!

Gnome is a great DE, personally im just more a fan of KDE, due implementing “cutting edge” wayland protocols and features fast, but Gnome is likely more polished.

Since you already wrote in an other thread related to help.
Feel free to check out our GitHub, generally any maintaining or helping work does help.

The CLI Installer generally needs more love and need to be polished and improved tested:

What kind of developer you are?

I know js, php, python languages. If there is a project related to these languages, I would be happy to help.