Thank you for CachyOS❤️

I’ve just installed CachyOS my System76 Thelio Major, AMD Ryzen 7950x/RX 6700 XT machine and am loving it so far! I have no complaints with Pop! OS and immediately fell in love with the intuitive keybindings and tiling when I left Windows about a year ago. But I also love the AUR more than APT and flatpak. I’m currently running GNOME on Cachy, but will probably switch to the COSMIC DE after it’s ready.

In the meantime, I’m here to learn everything that I can about Cachy (as well as BORE and Snapper) and to continue teaching myself Rust.

Thank you, CachyOS team! I appreciate you all making a unique and innovative Arch-based distro a reality!

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Since you have a Zen4 CPU, you might want to take a look on this:

This will basically improve the performance further and is tuned for Zen4 CPUs. :slight_smile: This will be available together with the upcoming release in july.

The comsic DE is already available in the repository, even tough its not too stable.

Hope you will have a good time here, nick

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Very cool!!!

I still consider myself a Linux newbie (and I plan on riding that excuse for as long as I can :laughing:), but it sure seems like CachyOS is something very unique and exceedingly special. If there is another distribution fine-tuning Linux for various CPUs, I’m not aware of it.

Thank you!

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