Testing ISO's are now available

Hi together,

On Sunday we will make our new release, which contains a bunch of new features and changes.
This upcoming release does remove the offline installation from the ISOs, but we will provide one ISO, if a user needs it.
The testing ISO can be found here:


Here a list of the feature changes (full changelog with come in the final announcement):

  • Filesystems: Introduce bcachefs as filesystem choice
  • pacstrap: Add detection if bcachefs is used and install bcachefs-tools
  • CachyOS-AI-SDK: Introduce new install option to have a OOB NVIDIA SDK Setup
  • CachyOS-Deckify: Provide own variant for Handhelds (experimental)
  • ISO: Drop Offline Installation
  • Package Updates: Python 3.12, gcc 14.1.1, mesa 24.0.7, xwayland 24.1 branch, NVIDIA 550.78


  • settings.conf: Move hardware detection before netinstall
  • pacstrap: Use btrfs-assistant instead of btrfs-assistant-git
  • plymouth: remove plymouth hook on zfs + encryption
  • ISO: Add various config files for KDE, to avoid getting into Screenlocker at Installation Time
  • services-systemd: Properly enable fstrim.timer
  • umount: Disable emergency to avoid issues with the zfs installation
  • shellprocess: Cleanup leftovers from the offline installation

FWIW, I used the new testing ISO today on a new motherboard, AMD 7970x, and NVIDIA RTX 3090 and had no problem (simple KDE install, systemd, ext4 file system). A wonderful distribution as always!

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Link is dead. Wanted to at least test out BCACHEFS.

These where testing ISOs and we have pushed the final release.
Please use the website to download it.


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OK I have that ISO, but when I went to install there is no option for BCACHEFS.

BCacheFS is not supported by grub. You need to select Refind or Systemd-boot.

If your system does not support UEFI, then you need to wait until grub will provide support for it.

Ah OK I’ll wait. One question though the articles I’ve read said it supports snapshots, but from what I remember Systemd-boot at least does not, is that correct? Also from what I’ve read Systemd-boot does not support dual booting without some additional work by the enduser.

Youre mixing things up. Snapshots are supported by bcachefs and you can also restore snapshots.
This has not anything to do with the bootloader. The “grub-btrfs” implementation just makes it possible to boot from snapshot, but a general snapshot ability works for zfs, bcachefs and btrfs.

But from everything I understand snapshot will not show on the boot loader screen for systemd boot.