Suspend broken after last update

Hi suspend are broken and not working after updating on my Asus tuf, is there any fix for this?

Have uploaded bugreport.


Do you have a NVIDIA card?

Yep have an 1650 ti card in that machine.

It appears that the latest NVIDIA Driver did broke sleep then. Your report is the second one.
If you want to downgrade to an older one you can do following:

sudo pacman -U

It might be giong some other thing one here too, it does not relolve it, sleep does does also lockup the system from time to time now.

My other laptop Legion 5 with RTX 3060 are suspanding/sleeping without issues with the latest nvidia drivers (555.52.04)
Have uploaded bugrepport here b8fd0b9

Does rolling back the NVIDIA driver fixes the issue?

No it is still broken

I’m also experiencing freezing out of nowhere and there’s nothing I can do to unlock it, the system was recently installed, I only have a few things installed. I have already rolled back the nvidia drivers to version 555.42.02.

But I’m using the 6.9.3-3 stable kernel, can I continue using it or should I downgrade it too?

Does the downgrade fix it?

If it freezes, after the next boot could you share the logs, so that we see maybe why it did freeze?

journalctl -b -1 | paste-cachyos

is the command to get the logs from previous boot.

I managed to solve it using the tutorial in this video below, and I kept version 555.52.04, I didn’t have any more crashes and it worked perfectly with Diablo 4 \0/

[Solution Fix](

Mhm, I dont see anything which is not done by CachyOS.
The including of the modules is done via the chwd conf as drop in configuartion, see:

For new installation, the systemctl service will be also enabled, but currently not for existing ones.
The NVReg Preservce Allocations is also now enabled as default.

Could you please check, if following services are enabled?

With the upcoming release, this will be done automatically for fresh installations.

nvidia-suspend.service, nvidia-hibernate.service, and nvidia-resume.service

All the sercives was dissabled on my Asus, after enabling them, will suspend again.
Guess somthing in a update, must have dissabled those services, because it have been working earlier.

Yes, we have added configuration for preservememory allocations. The services only getting enabled at new installation, since if we force enabling the service, even if its already running at a update, then the system will shutdown.