Steam Issues "CS2"


I have some issues with some steam games, games like cs2 does not work at all at the time, i might suspect it is nvidia releated running the “stock” 555.52.04
I it the same issue with my asus tuf laptop and legion 5 both with nvidia graphic.
It did run until sunday, now the game will appers to start but, just stals with a black screen, not ever entering any part of the game.

The game will run without isussed on a zorin on a diffrent partition on my legion 5, therefor i think it might be related to some graphics

Could you maybe provide some logs?

Yes np e9c8544
But im not sure how to log steam, logs.

sudo journalctl -b | paste-cachyos

Yep is the same as the one i shared.

But it seems to be an arch problem, have tried on garuda and it behaives the same.
Zorin or other ubuntu based linux, it runs without any problems.

Have you installed sdl2 packages? If I am not mistaken, Counter strike 2 uses sdl as its rendering engine. I would recommend you install the packages, try and see if that does anything for you. Install sdl2, sdl2-image and sdl2-gfx

Yep but, i might be some issues with vulcan shaders, it wil somtime launch and 10 times not launch, and some times if you rebuild shaders once more, but is is also only cs2 i have issue with, gemes like rdr2 works fine