So far. . . pretty good. . . . but I've got problems?

Installation when smooth as butter on a thumbdrive. I’ve downloaded most all of the packages that I’ve ever used in EndeavourOS Linux.

Now for the problems. . .

(1) I can’t get kamoso or cheese to work or activate with my logitech video camera.
(2) I can’t get my hp printer to work via cups or hp installed software. . . .
(3) When I use ‘octopi’, I can’t get programs like ‘Stellarium’, googleearth-pro or freetube to work or compile? What am I missing here?

Any help would be appreciated. From what I’ve experienced everything else has been a breeze. . .


Must be getting senile. . . . . :smiley:

Hp printer installed and working. . .
Cheese and Kamoso working also . . …

My usb plug in portal was off for these two items. . . .realized just a few minutes ago that they needed to be turned on.

I also just started using ‘Bauh’ to install other software. . . .Stellarium was the first one to get installed . . . works great. . . just now need to install a few more packages.

Everything so far has worked flawlessly for me. . . .

Rich :wink:

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Installed a slew of other programs with ‘bauh’. Most all of them installed without a hitch. . . .

Great! I’m impressed!!!



I would replace Octopi with Bauh-Staging. Use your AUR helper to install it and Pacseek. As for those programs try installing them from the terminal. You were on EndeavorOS so I know that’s what they would reccomend.

There is a Appimage for FreeTiube and a Flatpak for it.

Got this taken care of. . . thnx.