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Hey, Guys

It’s great to have CachyOS. I’m new to linux but I love CachyOS so much. The bad thing about me is I like fresh reinstalling. LOL.

My first problem was I always failed to Install CachyOS but I found Out the problem was my ISP. so I installed my VPN Client and all installation was successful. I’m subscribing to PIA. But after I finished installed CachyOS my PIA client always crashes until now. I haven’t found the solution. I’m really sorry I forgot to copy the bug report. I plaaned to copy but I forgot.

The second problem was from yesterday night and this morning I tried to fresh reinstall again (lol, dude, that’s your problem ! weird habit ! :D) I tried fresh two times and I solved my problem at the third time. the first two after I finished the installation I always chose my favorite kernel is “cachyos-rc” 6.9.0-rc7-6. The problem was “” missing and causing to fail launch easyeffects, winetricks and protontricks. So I switch Arch Linux and use zen kernel. So I installed those apps and all working. I installed cachyos and cachyos-rc kernels (the very last process) and the problem is gone. Everything is smooth like before.

My Report is 6.9.0-rc7-6 has higher FPS than before. But the newest linux-cacyhos dropped a few FPS. I just want to let you know because FPS is only one of benchmark point and not a big thing, I have no problem. CachyOS has minimum stuter, more brightness and more vivid. " Blazingly Fast " ? IT’S TRUE

Thank you so much, CachyOS’ team.
You guys are the best


Thanks for your reports and glad that you like CachyOS.

  1. Did setting a different DNS to the networkmanager? We will maybe force in future release the dns to cloudflare to avoid issues.

  2. We will look into issue. Actually I can not reproduce the issue on the v4 repository, but maybe there is an issue in the v3 repository. There is no anymore, see: Arch Linux - appstream 1.0.3-1 (x86_64) so, maybe when a package got recompiled it didnt got the newest package when compiling.

  3. In the RC Kernel, we had more amd-pstate patches included - thats the only difference. The problem is that these upstream amd-pstate patches did cause massive issues, for some people. We have reported these issues to AMD, but they didnt provided a new patch so far.

Actually, the blaizingly fast slogan is maybe a bit too much, but well :smiley: We try to improve mainly for interactivity.