Regarding gaming performance

Just thought I would create this post to let people know that if they are having poor performance issues with gaming on cachyOS I would gladly assist them in sorting out problems. There tend to be packages available that aren’t installed by default. There are even more tricks I could impart but they require packages that aren’t in the repo. Powershell, and crossover are two of them.


Which desktop manager do i need for best gaming?

Desktop manager? Well generally you would want to go with kde plasma 6. Some games may work better under an x11 session while others would work better under wayland. Always try wayland sessions first.

And which kernel ist best for gaming?

Your best bet would be to go with linux-cachyos or linux-cachyos-lto. Make sure to enable scx.service. You should be able to do this by typing sudo systemctl enable scx.service in konsole.

I saw the kernel with the name bore, whats up with that? or is bore in the default kernel cachyos?

Also do you know how to disable compositor with plasma on wayland?

I also have a problem with my controller in EldenRing when i push some buttons at the same time, i get weired input lag. Can you recommand a linux controller or something?

Whats that scx.service?

I also saw there is a repository for cachyos-v4 ? but its disabled why is that so?

The linux-cachyos kernel is made with the best aspects of bore, eevdf, scheduler extensions and their own custom patches. It is over all the most flexible option that should give the best performance.

As for kde plasma compositor, you need the compositor (Its the thing that renders pixels on any computer monitor or mobile device) for anything desktop related. You cannot play games with out it. What you might be asking is what session to use. There should be a little thing on the login screen at the bottom left that would say plasma session wayland. You can click on that and it should pull up a list of available desktop sessions. Plasma generally offers the wayland by default, but you can change that to one that says x11 session. I recommend you not use x11 unless it is absolutely neccescary. There is no easy way to tell whether a game will in one of them, both of them, and there is not really any consensus on which one will perform berter.

As for the Cachyos-v4 repository that is currently in experimental development. V4 basically means support for avx512 instruction sets. I am not as though many games really would benefit from it as avx512 is almost entirely used for machine learning rather then gaming. The power draw is excessive and the heat it produces would likely cause thermal throttling in most systems that don’t have serious cooling implementations.

The scx.service serves as a means to expand the kernel scheduler to deal with more types of workloads then it would without the service. Generally the more kinds of supported scheduling work loads will ensure the best method for tasks is used.

Now as for a controller to use with linux, that is not an east question to answer. Everyone has some level of preference as to the lay out and size of a controller. BUt generally speaking, any controller that might work with the nintendo switch should be compatible to some extent with linux. As I mentioned earlier, I would need to do some research on that. Steam introduces its own level of complexity when it comes to controller support.

Thanks for the infos.

Regarding the controller , i decided to attach a cable to it. Maybe the dongle is not good enough for linux. I will test it.

How can i activate raytracing or is it enabled? Ever time I activate it my game crashes , example is Darktide.

I ve read something about gamemode, but i couldnt activate it. Is it possible to activate it for Darktide?

Not sure about raytracing, I can’t say for certain what causes your problem. Using a cable to connect the controller is a good idea as it allows for a direct connection for inputs and outputs. Game mode is usually activated automatically whenever a game goes full screen, so long as you have installed the package, it doesn’t require any setting up.