Quick question from new user

hello to you all,
I am approaching Cachy after a long overnight stay on EndeavourOS and wanted to understand what, in your opinion, are the points in favour of Cachy compared to EndeavourOS.
Keep in mind that what I do with the pc is certainly surfing and using text editors but also short movies and above all playing games. I know that the problems there are more on the proton side than on the distro side.

As an EOS user: EndeavourOS is - in a good sense - mainly Arch with an installer; plus some light convenience tools and a very friendly community.

Cachy is a lot more opinionated on tweaking the system for “performance”. That involves a wide variety of custom kernels, the CPU architecture aware repositories, cachyos-settings, …

There’s a good chance you can squeeze out more “performance” from the same desktop system while everything is still pretty much how you would run a vanilla Arch (or EOS) system.


Are those tweaks making also CachyOS better in terms of battery saving for a laptop?

Catchy seems faster to me, but has many bugs out the box

I have extended EOS with the cachy repositories. (-:

Therefore I have a Cachy EndeavorOS.

I love how cachy treats ZFS as a first class citizen.

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what kind of bugs? as a new user considering both this is imp to me