Question about the repo's

Im sure this has been answered somewhere else, but would adding the AUR repo and Archstrike repo break anything or throw me in the dependancy hell? I have done some digging around and the cloeset thing I have found is someone mentioning how they can swap out the cachy repo with aur I believe or something of the sort. I would like do this to install the packages that I would normally find with any other distro like vs codium and I also like to play CTF’s time to time.

Thanks in advance.

The AUR is a collection of PKGBUILDs and can be used with AUR Managers.

I dont know what is the “archstrike” repository and what it does contain. As long you set it under the CachyOS and Arch repsository in pacman it should be fine.

Any repo made for archlinux should usually work in the same way on cachyos as it is using the arch package base.

There shouldn’t be any dependency hell on arch based distros (which cachyos is), unless a package is broken/not properly maintained by its maintainer.

→ anything for arch should work on cachyos.

Check it out if you are interested in secuirty and CTF’s. its just a huge and widely trusted repo of sec tools.

Thank you btw

Thanks buddy, I just didnt wanna pull any “triggers” and bork something instead of waiting patienly for a answer.


Just one thing to keep in mind:

The cachyos build system automatically pulls and rebuilds the archlinux packages as soon as they are released by arch (with the exception of the multi archlinux repo afaik, where only some packages are manually selected by the cachyos team).

So depending on the amount of new packages to rebuild, it can take a few hours for the packages to become available on cachyos

This means that if you are getting packages from external repos that publish an update with new dependencies during that time, that update would fail to get applied until the packages land in the cachyos repo.

In the rare cases this happens → just wait a few hours until the packages arrive.

@MBK We have now since several months an automatic check for huge rebuilds, like QT, python and co.
It will automatically temporarly remove all outdated packages from the cachyos repos and then user will simply fetch from the archlinux repository, until ours are build.
This mitigates issues with the rebuilds completly.

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Oh, this is great. Thanks!