Properly Introducing my self

Forgot to introduce my self properly here. You can just call me Joe if you would like. If you are wondering about the two Capital letters, those are my initials for my middle and last name. I hail from a small suburban town west of Chicago, Illinois. I am an intermediate with understanding linux in general. I have experienced using debian and arch based linux so far. Can’t really say which one I like more, they both have some things I absolutely love and lack some things that is in one but not the other.

I will admit, it was a good thing I picked CacyhOS to get my first impressions of arch linux. I did spend some time trying other disto’'s but I decided to come back to CachyOS after giving it some time to expand. Outside of a select few packages, everything I tend to install is here. The performance is truly phenomenal. It goes perfectly well with my Dell inspiron 5425 14 inch. Driver support is fantastic.

I intend to use this distro as my gaming distro of choice (Whenever the hell I get to setting up a gaming computer that is) Been waiting for wayland to get ironed out enough to feel safe using it. Would be lying if I said I did not make some of the dumbest mistakes working with Linux, and learned from them.

So yeah. I am half a world away. When your getting out of bed, I am about to hit the sack, vice versa. I am up about 12-14 hours every day so I am still pretty available to have discussions.

Edit: And yes, that picture is my cat laying like a lazy bum on my bed. Funniest thing ever.

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Welcome Joseph, glad tht you found CachyOS!

Nice cat! I have also 2 cattos. Lovely dudes :cat: