Problem with pacman

So i was trying to download Sublime Text using tutorial from their site. I was using commands for Arch Linux and something went wrong. Now pacman sending a strange messages

error: could not register ‘sublime-text’ database (database already registered)

There is a link for commands that i used: Linux Package Manager Repositories

i Used GPG Key command and Stable aarch64 (im sleepy now so i think i used the wrong version)

If somebody know how to fix my problem i will really appreciate that. Thanks

Why aarch64? This is ARM64 architecture. You would need to use x86_64/amd64

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I still have a problem with database

and i don’t know how to fix it because i am newbie and come here for fix

What happens, if you click the “remove db lock” button in cachyos-hello?

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I guess this is the beginning of a systematic troubleshooting process.

A solution could be paru.

❯ paru -S hollywood
:: Löse Abhängigkeiten auf…
:: Konflikte berechnen…
:: Interne Konflikte berechnen…

Repo (15)                 Alte Version  Neue Version   Nur Make
extra/bmon                              4.0-4          Nein
extra/byobu                             6.1.12-1       Nein
extra/ccze                              0.2.1-12       Nein
extra/cmatrix                           2.0-3          Nein
extra/confuse                           3.3-4          Nein
extra/htop                              3.3.0-3        Nein
extra/jp2a                              1.2.0-1        Nein
extra/moreutils                         0.69-2         Nein
extra/perl-io-tty                       1.20-1         Nein
extra/perl-ipc-run                      20231003.0-1   Nein
extra/perl-time-duration                1:1.21-1       Nein
extra/python-urwid                      2.6.10-3       Nein
extra/python-wcwidth                    0.2.13-2       Nein
extra/tmux                              3.4-8          Nein
extra/tree                              2.1.1-1        Nein

Aur (3)                   Alte Version  Neue Version   Nur Make
aur/apg                                 2.2.3-5        Nein
aur/speedometer                         2.9-2          Nein
aur/hollywood                           1.21-7         Nein

:: Mit Überprüfung fortfahren? [J/n]: 

Sorry for the language, the meaning comes from the context :laughing: