(Plasma) Missing app icons


I really like this distro and want to stick with it, but am having an issue with the app icons not appearing in the panel after opening the programs. When I first installed and updated the system the icons were there and I was able to pin them to the panel. When I rebooted after a later update the icons were missing in the panel after launching the programs. Never had this issue with other distros. Searched but could not find any fix. Any help would be appreciated.


We have get already a equal report and we are investigating. We are actually not changing much not Plasma config, but it would be worth to install without “cachyos-kde-settings” and check if this is reproduceable.

I will try tomorrow to reproduce this issue in a VM and let you know.


Thanks for the response. I will give that a go and report back.

It was the Global Theme I chose that caused the app icons to go missing. Changed back to Breeze and the icons are back. Just have to find one that doesn’t cause the issue.

We have found the issue.
Actually you need to login one time into X11 and then go back to wayland and it works.