Plasma 6 "ghost windows" and crashes

I just installed CachyOS yesterday and I am blown away by how well things are working with Nvidia and Wayland, but I am having some pretty big issues. Randomly when minimizing and/or closing programs, the window will stay there and remain unable to be interacted with. The process is completely closed, but its like a “ghost window” that blocks things behind it. Also, when I open the app launcher while in a fullscreen game (Persona 5 Royal in this case), the kde panel seems to have straight up crashed. The application menu is shaking and no panels can be interacted with. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide!

Lsaunch System Settings, Window Management, Desktop Effects, and make sure Translucency isn’t checked. When Plasma 6.0.0 launched they were having issues with it, and it seems to still not be fixed.

Cool, I will try to keep that off for good and see what happens, thanks. I know that toggling it on and off makes the windows go away, but the whole crashing thing was still happening even with transparency off. After trying to replicate it, it seems that it doesn’t happen every single time for some reason.

Sorry I missed the part about crashes. That I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with the Translucency.