Nordvpn - systemd-resolved not enabled by default

If anyone else is having issues getting Nordvpn to run, enable systemd-resolved and connect to your VPN without issue.

systemctl enable systemd-resolved; systemctl start systemd-resolved.

I ran into an issue where I thought it was the nordvpn libraries, files, etc, but found this to be the issue after watching the journal log (# journalctl -f) while attempting to login with Nordvpn.

[Error] networker setting dns: setting dns with resolvconf: setting dns with resolvconf: Failed to set DNS configuration: Could not activate remote peer ‘org.freedesktop.resolve1’: activation request failed: unknown unit: exit status systemd[1]: NetworkManager-dispatcher.service: Deactivated successfully.

Hope this helps someone else.


How did you get NordVPN installed?

I used the AUR nordvpn-bin pkg following NordVPN wiki page

I just had a full day trying to solve the problem of not connecting to nordvpn, and after a day checking and seeing the error nordvpnd[736]: 2024/06/24 23:12:30 [Error] networker setting dns: setting dns with resolvconf: se> and google the problem and this is the first link that comes out, the best thing that happened to me, thank you very much for posting a solution to a problem you had thinking that someone else might have it, a true hero.

I literally just created an account on this site just to leave this comment.

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Thanks! I try to help when something totally out there hits me in the face. I still don’t know why it wasn’t enabled, but I’m happy to have helped you!