New Forum for CachyOS


As you can see, we have recently switched to a new Forum Software and did not import the old Users or Posts.

We have tried to convert the old Flarum Database over to Discourse, but this resulted into a mess, so we decided to start from scratch,
You will need to create a new account, you have following ways to create it:

  • E-Mail
  • GitHub Auth
  • Discord Auth

If you wish some further Authentication Methods, like Google Login, let us know.

Why we have switched to a new Forum Software?

  • Flarum is sadly more or less not much maintained anymore
  • Better Overview
  • Better Moderation
  • Better Security due more actively maintained
  • Theme and Design from Scratch
  • Own scale able Server

How long the old Forum will be kept accessible ?

The old Forum Domain ( will forward together with the next Release Announcement to the new Subdomain (

We hope you like Discourse, if you have further improvement idea’s like theming or Plugins let us know.

The CachyOS Team


Since we are hosting our own mailserver, it could happen that some mailprovider sending our message into the Spam.
So, please also check there, otherwise there are also more authentication methods available.

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