Major Installation issues since end of may

Hello there, i’m on the process of installing cachyos on all my devices, and i have encountered of lot of issues since yesterday :

Normal install doesn’t start at all (stay on SYSTEMD-BOOT or GRUB), when start there seems to be a dependency hell behind (1st python312, then icu… updating all depandencies doesn’t seem to be enough), and it’s the case on 3 different devices, with different version of the iso (the last one and the april one). So i took an EOS iso and added cachyos repos, better than nothing.

Install on the ROG ALLY of the handled edition seems broken when using encrypted install (i have the projet to tpm unlock after, it works very well on all my other devices).

That’s all, thanks again for that amazing distro !

Would you maybe share the logs?

I dont know, why you would need to pull in python312. This is not required by anything of us.
Same as the ICU update, this has been rolled out around 1 month ago.

It would be important to share logs, so that we can identify them. The installer does upload them for you and provides a link.

Normal install doesn’t start at all (stay on SYSTEMD-BOOT or GRUB), when start there seems to be a dependency hell behind

oh, that sounds like youre not using the latest ISO. The Calamares online script does fetch the latest calamares from our repository, and this is handled via 2 versions. One for the newer release and one for an older one, which then gets deprecated after around 15 days, when we start the testing period for the new release.

Hey, thanks for your answers, i don’t why too, the calamares online doesn’t start at all and doesn’t crash (it stay on the 1st window after selecting the bootloader option), and when i start it just show some lib issues (at 1st python, after pacman -Sy python others…).

I will try this week but it seems like it can’t work on any of my systems.

And for the ROG Ally i will try later too with the pastin code for logs, but really seems linked to the luks option.

And both install with isos downloaded yesterday :slight_smile:


I have booted into the downloaded latest ISO and all are properly working, when clicking the “Launch Installer” Button.

All 4 Options are opening calamares properly.
Are you sure, youre using the cachyos-kde-linux-240512.iso ISO?

You should execute the “Launch Installer” Button. That will handle the calamares-online script properly.

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To which script does the “launch installer” button point? I tried to install cachyos on a 2GB ram system, before I changed the welcom.conf in /etc/calamares/modules, but no it seems the file gets overwritten. Thanks to your explanation, It’s clear to me now that calamares get’s reinstalled and the welcome_online.conf is replaced. If I could change the script to not reinstall calamares, I could proceed the installation on my 2GB ram system.

Oh, we don’t support these low RAM Configuration.

Anyways, you can mitigate this with changing the config, as you already noted.
We are all time fetching the latest calamares to the repository, so we can send fixes “ondemand” to the user, in case at the release was an issue.

Please run following on the latest May ISO:
sudo pacman -Sy cachyos-calamares-qt6-next-grub
Modify the welcome.conf
sudo -E dbus-launch calamares -D6

Thanks for the answer. I will try it.

Any idea to which directory the packages are downloaded to during install? /var/cache/pacman/? Or are they all stored in ram during the live session?

Hi there, I have an issue that the packages section of the installer doesn’t show anything. It shows just blank. However when I continue, the final installation fails. Who knows why and how can I solve it?