Lenovo Sleep and Mouse

I recently upgraded to a lenovo laptop because of my son dumping an entire glass of water on my dell. Dell seemed to work almost perfectly but with the lenovo I have the following issues.

  1. When the laptop sleeps, the keyboard won’t work, assuming it’s some kind of power management issue.
  2. The mouse pointer is randomly slow and sluggish (inaccurate)
  3. I’ve tried different Kernels with no luck

I’m assuming that because the laptop is so new that it doesn’t have great support yet, but really like it so don’t want to have to return it as I can’t go back to windows from COS!

Laptop Info:

I have the same laptop, the components in it are not that new. I have no accuracy issues with the touchpad, but I use gnome. It’s just a weird touchpad, you can get used to it, at least on gnome. Just the scroll is a bit annoying for me, but there’s no easy fix for that.

I have a similar problem with sleep/suspend. Can you try manual suspend and check if it actually goes to sleep.

If it doesn’t it might be this bug, they’re working on it Since 256, suspend fails over 50% of the time: Freezing user space processes failed · Issue #33626 · systemd/systemd · GitHub

PS: if you have issues with the wifi randomly disconnecting, you have to disable some power saving features of the wifi.