KDE Plasma 6.1.2

Hello. When will CachyOS receive KDE Plasma 6.1.2 in a stable version?


as soon arch is pushing it. We do not maintain manually Plasma, besides kwin.

Is it known when this will roughly happen?

Today the KDE Maintainer of archlinux has pushed the new KDE Framework. So, lets hope they will push it today :slight_smile:

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Its pushed. Our building has a bunch of packages currently in queue. Should be shipped soonish

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Just for info

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GEEZE they JUST released 6.1.1 have some patience. :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

6.1.2 is a good update.

I was in a few days ago and tested it. Brings a lot of fixes to the child sickness that has been plauging KDE since the 6.1.

So looking forward to the update :slight_smile:

6.1.0 is stable and solid for the most part, like 97%. 6.1.2 just like 6.1.1 will be MINOR updates and tweaks.

6.1 has been a little rough. Nothing compared to what kde plasma 5 was like going back 3 or so yeaars. Those were dark times for me. I still get nervous. Even though I have learned new ways to get around certain problems. But yeah, Plasma 6 succeeded in winning me over for the most part. They just need to keep things well polished as they work.