Issues with Cachy+i3 default config errors

Just installed i3 with cachy installer on my laptop (no WM) and i keep getting errors about the config file.
I have searched the file but can’t find any of the errored items in there. Is there another config file it uses?

Have been editing ~/.config/i3/config


[0.002536110s] [WARN ] [alacritty_config_derive] Unused config key: launcher
[0.002707273s] [WARN ] [alacritty_config_derive] Unused config key: modifiers
[0.002988705s] [WARN ] [alacritty_config_derive] Unused config key: double_click
[0.003025504s] [WARN ] [alacritty_config_derive] Unused config key: triple_click

Those are just warnings.

the alacritty config is located at ~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.toml. if you remove these lines and also these ,then those warnings will disappear

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Feel kinda stupid editing the wrong config file, it actually very clearly says alacritty i the error message. :face_exhaling: