I'm looking for configuration files

Hi. I need to change the values of vm.swappiness and vfs_cache_pressure, but I don’t know where the configuration files are. Does anyone know where these files are?

You can overwrite them with the sysctl config in /etc/sysctl.d/99-z-your-changes.conf for example.

Even tough, the swapiness is set via a rule, if zram is found to properly use zram as swap device.

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This doesn’t work. After restarting the system, when I check the value:
sysctl vm.swappiness
vm.swappiness = 150
And it should be 10 instead of 150."

As I said, this is handled via rules, see:

Be aware, that we are using zram as default and there swapiness acts completly differently then on normal swap, also see: