I cannot reach the internet, - security problems, no dns available

Hello, I wanted to install cachyos but part of it does not work.
First I had turn many knobs to get online with wifi, there are too many options to choose from which I have never before heard of.
When I had a working wlan connection I could not get into the internet, no DNS Server to connect to.
I have tried to give it the address of the rooter, but no chance, - security problems!
Can anybody tell me how I can connect?
I was still working live, I did not want to install before I can reach the internet.

Hi Siegfried,

Please check out our wiki. We have explained all options there.

Anyways, little suggestion:

  • Bootloader: Systemd-boot
  • Desktop Enviroment: KDE
  • Filesystem: xfs (its as default set)

I don’t know, why you can not connect to the internet. You need to check, why it is not connecting.

Here you can find our WIki: