How to update grub on ZFS

I need to add some boot parameters to the kernel but not sure how to do that when using ZFS on CachyOS?

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You simply add the boot parameters to /etc/default/grub and then regenerate the entries.
Anyways - if youre using ZFS I would suggest to reinstall with systemd-boot or refind, since grub does only support a limited feature set from zfs which kinda limits zfs at all, for example zstd compression does not work with grub.

Thanks, but how do I update the settings? There is no update-grub command.

Either you reinstall a kernel, then it will automatically update the entries with grub-hook or you run following command after changing in /etc/default/grub:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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Thanks again. I think I tried that but I don’t have a grub-mkconfig either. Maybe I am using systemd-boot. How would I tell?

Please check if their is content in /boot/loader/entries.
If you have entries in their, then you’re using systemd-boot.

If you are using systemd-boot, then please add to the LINUX_OPTIONS array your additional boot entries in /etc/sdboot-manage.conf

After that run:
sudo sdboot-manage gen

Excellent, thank you. That worked and noted as I’m trying to get iGPU passthrough to work into a Proxmox VM and will probably have to make a few changes.

~ cat /proc/cmdline
initrd=\initramfs-linux-cachyos.img zfs=zpcachyos/ROOT/cos/root rw zswap.enabled=0 nowatchdog splash nomodeset i915.force_probe=4680
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Sorry to be a bother but what is the CachyOS equivalent of…

~ update-initramfs -u -k all
-bash: update-initramfs: command not found

Update: after some more googling, I hope it’s mkinitcpio -P otherwise I may have borked my system… nope, it rebooted okay :slight_smile:

Yes, we are archlinux based, which uses mkinitcpio. Thats fine.

Right. I, and a few friends, have been using Manjaro for the last 3 years up until I “discovered” CachyOS back in January. Now they are all running CachyOS with Plasma 6 and I’m left with a Proxmox VM that is not performant enough for daily use so I’ve been using Plasma 5 installed directly on the Debian Proxmox host, which is a no-no, but kind of works. Now my new Minisforum MS-01 has finally been delivered I’m desperately trying to get iGPU passthrough working so I can use that CachyOS VM for real. Sorry for rambling, this is just a misc comment about being really keen to get more into CachyOS and I appreciate the effort you put into supporting it.

Glad that you and your friends found CachyOS and like it.

CachyOs has actually a lot of features, which are people slowly recognizing. :slight_smile:
We should make a dedicated feature page in the future, to bring more information about.