How does CachyOS automates the building of packages?

I want to know how CachyOS retrieves packages from the Arch Linux to build.
Does it detect changes in the upstream arch linux git repositories and builds them using CachyOS specific flags right? If that is the case, what tool/daemon do you guys use to automate the process?

I ask this because I want to automate the building of some AUR packages that I own instead of manually updating them every time when a new version of a program is released.

(This is probably not the best place to ask something like this but I would like to know what CachyOS team uses anyways)


We have currently the “cachybuilder” not public, due having some credientals in (Proxys, DB and co).
we will plan to make it public in the future, but this also requires then to rewrite the git history.

So, basically we have a db, which contains the status of each package (Failed, Build, Skipped.
Here a example from our Dashboard (this is also planned to be made public) of the x86-64-v3 and x86-64-v4 repository:

When a new queue starts, the builder does compare the pkgversions against the versions maintained in archlinux’s state repository:

Since the state repository is sometimes “ugly” maintained, we need to include some skips and overrides.

When a newer package is then available, it will git clone it from their gitlab, checksout in the correct tag and build the package and put it into the “to be moved” state.
When the queue is fully done, it will add all packages to the repository.


This is not maintained by the “cachybuilder”, since it does not have AUR support yet.
For this we are using “repoctl”, which checks for newer packages and then we let them build with a script.

As you know, the AUR/custom packages are maintained into a seperate repostiory, e.g. cachyos, cachyos-v3, cachyos-v4.