Honestly, just wanted to say Hi

I’m pretty sure everyone here has distro hopped looking for that forever home… well, i’m finally there.

it’s been a pretty grueling run for the past 2 or 3 months, i started by giving everyone on the list a few days, then i’d do a yoink and yeet of my user data into a new OS. after that initial run i narrowed it down and spent a bit more alone time with each one giving each OS a full week. no i’ll not be naming names; i’m not the kiss and tell type lol.

by this time my FBI guy and ISP must have been going nuts… “it’s really just linux isos and FO4 in steam… over and over and over…”

but it came down to the last two and oddly they were both Arch based… and it may sound weird but the thing that won me over was the cleanliness of the whole package with CachyOS. from first boot into live usb to install to daily driver (3 different times now). the whole work flow there was clean and polished.

even as a TOTAL arch noob i was able to work through some of my growing pains with ease (and duckduck) and those were few and far between. because even the system is slick as can be, from the welcome menu on into community support (which actually helped me fix a borking i did on a different OS that had been identified by the Cachy Community and fixed). and that was the icing on the cake, i saved a few new firefox bookmarks and installed my last os for the foreseeable future.

hats off to you all who build CachyOS you are doing an awesome job, and to the users here that like me, found their daily driver… now i get to learn arch… welcome to the journey right?


Welcome and hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice words and we are happy that the flow is easy enough, even tough we give a lot of decision to use the user at the installation process.

Learning arch a bit, like pacman would be suggested, thats right.