Hi. . . .to everyone

Just a quick introduction to everyone. . . been using Linux for about 25 years and gave up on Windows since Windows ‘Me’. Haven’t looked back since. I used about 15 of the top Linux distro’s over the years and ended up with EndeavourOS 4 years ago. Thought I give this new distro a run for the money.

I’m not a ‘geek’ by any means and have been doing this for so long that some of it seems natural and I’m still learning at 72 years of age. I recently updated all my computer gear and bought a ASUS PN50 minipc. Thats where I’ve installed CachyOS. My other computer which I assembled from components has EndeavourOS on it.

This install was quick and easy. . . . calamares makes it so easy. If I had to do the traditional ‘Arch’ method, I’d be lost. (I tried FreeBSD once and it was way over my head.)

I’ve got a few issues on this install but in time I hope to get it up to speed. Cachy is put together rather well and the installation was very smooth via thumbdrive. It’s exciting to see how well things can come together. The developer’s have done very good work on this distro.

I’m running cinnamon on this mini-pc and it works great.



Hi Richard,

Welcome to the CachyOS Community! Thanks for your nice works and we hope you will have a good time here :slight_smile: