Hey everyone! Intro

Gaming since 1998 - 26 years of Windows use… 30 days in CachyOS and already am seeing the potential here.

Never touched Linux prior to this. Enjoying my experience so far but I feel like a 20 y\o kid again starting from zero lol. I can see the appeal of Linux for sure, and now that it has become a viable platform for games - I am hoping to make the full switch.

Over the years MS has just continued to pump crap into its OS - Stuff that no one really asked for. They are more and more invasive and use sneaky tactics to continually re-enable anything you disable to try and enhance your privacy on the platform.
All of these “features” and “security updates” have put MS firmly in the Apple camp of designed obsolecence… When Win 11 dropped they cut out any systems prior to 8th gen Intel (i believe that was the cutoff) and then ever-so conveniently retired support for Windows 10 (but they will sell you extended support for Win10). I’m sure Windows 12 will do more of the same… So you can clearly see that MS is assisting in perpetuating the never ending hardware cycle…Just like Apple.

I’m pretty capable at reading, understanding, and referencing documentation but this wolrd is foreign to me, So I expect I’ll have a lot of “dumb questions” that hopefully can be answered simply.

I look forward to learning with the community and thank everyone in advance for thier helpful contributions.