Hello from South America

Hi everyone,
My name’s Benjamin. Kinda intermediate Linux user (since 2000). A 59 year-old Chilean guy, a promoter and designer of reuse of recycling hardware for any techy supportive labour needs.
To cut a long story short, I decided to explore about gaming Linux Oses for the first time ( 2022) cause of my younger son, who has become a youngling gamer these latest years… Tested Manjaro, then Fedora, Nobara & Garuda. So I have eventually met your amazing scripting CachyOs hooks and tweaks and you guys, by following youtube gaming influencer A1RM4X since 2023, this youtube gamer influencer has been recommending your awesome job all along 2024 as well.
I gave my son a Lenovo recycled HWD with your latest CachyOs release from May as a birthday present… so far my son has been fully conquered and pleased by your gaming optimization, simply loves CachyOs KDE and has become a Linux user as well.
I also installed your system in my own two recycled HWD machines, of which I use one as a daily driver and has also impacted my work colleagues at the office these latest weeks, everybody commented how fast and rocking stable it is for productivity daily use.
In the past I always heard disgusting comments or regretting experiences from gamers who tested Linux so I was not attracted to explore in depth. But for the recent 2 years I have felt around new recommendations to explore gaming in Linux and about new optimized Linux OSes based systems to approach a positive gaming experience in Linux.

Please let me say congratulations and thanks @ptr1337 and @vnepogodin and other CachyOs team members for having many of us positively astonished and for providing us with your optimized Arch based linux distribution at present.
Best wishes from Chile.


Hi Benchile,

Welcome! This sounds really nice!
Also, it is very nice to see, that your son is introducing you into linux and also gaming on it.

Linux made in the past years really nice progress in terms of desktop usage and it gets every year better and better.

Glad that you found CachyOS and hope you have a nice time!