Hello! And thank you CachyOS Team <3

Hey everyone! Before I introduce myself and experience, I would like to express my sincerent gratitude to the team of CachyOS! You have done an amazing job and the OS runs absolutely divine on my system. You have my full support!

I’m simbolik, a web/product/graphic designer and recently I took the plunge to leave Windows forever.
I knew about Linux 20 years ago, however at that time, driver, gaming and product support were in a bad state.
I could not use my adobe products, half of the apps I generally used and gaming was non-existent. Nevertheless I did experiment at the time, with Ubuntu and Mint.

Due to the constant data harvesting, spyware and more that Windows has been forcing since Windows 8 I beleive? I finally had enough, I wanted to take control over everything my PC does.

A friend of mine who is a penetration tester, told me more about Windows and how it is constantly sending data back and forth and how insecure recall really is, he showed me his linux machine and all the beauty of it and what he is capable of doing with it.
Convinced me to go for the dive, by referring me to SomeOrdinaryGamers guide on how to install Arch linux using the terminal.

I am quite knowleadgeable with hardware and software, so I decided why not?

Installed Arch, faced multiple issues (Flickering and VRR mostly, was using XORG). Removed it.

Installed Fedora 40, almost worked perfectly, but performance was less, and the biggest issue was UI scaling! (I am running a 4k monitor)
The fractional scaling did not work properly with other apps, and installing KDE plasma instead of GNOME stil gave me multiple issues (running wayland)
Removed it.

Installed Arch again, removed it. Installed Endeavor, removed it. Installed Mint, removed it.

Installed… CachyOS. Working perfectly out of the box. Super fast, flickering was still there but less and is now fixed (dont know how, probably with me setting color profile to built-in and updating to plasma 6.1.1, not sure though).
I just love it, it’s been 1 week and I wont be changing, unless its time to reformat and start from new but still using cachyos, because I am in a learning and experimental phase now with linux.

My biggest challenge was setting up my ProtonVPN with OpenVPN. Kept on getting DNS leaks but fixed that after an hour.

I have been using DuckDuckGo AI Chat with Llama3, to ask for help with terminal commands and help me sort out issues, its been mostly 70% useful. Which is better than spending so much time on Wiki and forums.

And thats it. Thank you for reading and thanks again CachyOS team! You’ve have me hooked.


Glad to see your enjoying the system. Also I can say that using AI to help with commands can be much more productive than combing through the wikis and forums. Even though it may make mistakes here and there, I have learned how to figure out what it is getting wrong and making it correct some of those mistakes.


Thank you, yes agreed, it is not always correct, but really does help most of the time, especially with time and explanations in laymans terms.

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