Error during kernel compile/install

When I use CachyOS kernel compile (in CachyOS Kernel Manager) I am getting missing module errors. I was trying to compile a “rc” version for AMD Zen4 CPU and Nvidia 3090 GPU. I told it also to build the Nvidia module and the ZFS module. The error I’m getting is during the final install step is:

==> ERROR: module not found: 'nvidia'
==> ERROR: module not found: 'nvidia_modeset'
==> ERROR: module not found: 'nvidia_uvm'
==> ERROR: module not found: 'nvidia_drm'

Am I just missing some needed linux packages in order to compile the kernel with NVIDIA support?


You need to select the “NVIDIA” option, when you compile a kernel with the kernel manager, otherwise it wont have the module for it.

You can also switch to “nvidia-dkms” then it will automatically compile it, if you install a kernel.
We just provide it with each kernel an own module, so that the compilation via nvidia-dkms is not anymore there.

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Thank you very much Peter. I actually did select the “NVIDIA” option when I compiled it (see image). I did not see any errors when it compiled and the linux-cachyos-rc-hw-nvidia package is produced to install , but I still got the same “module not found” error when I tell it to go ahead and install. I can boot into the created kernel, but the desktop graphics are low quality and large. It’s probably not worth too much time to pursue (since the Cachyos stock kernels work fine), but the simple “check the boxes and compile” in Cachy Kernel Manager is not working for my system. Also it’s odd to me that the compilation process also produces the “cachyos-v4/linux-cachyos-rc” package without being asked to do so. If I delete just that package, it also wants to delete “linux-cachyos-rc-hw-headers”. Not sure what is going on there. I would have assumed all the linux-cachyos-rc-hw packages would be linked together (but my knowledge is pretty limited on this).

I see, actually its fine.
Its reporting that the NVIDIA Module is not found from the normal RC Kernel.
This appears to be currently a limitation from our Kernel Manager, because if you change the $pkgbase, it does not correctly put the depends of it, because we are defining in the PKGBUILD $pkgsuffix and this one does not get overwritten, when using a custom $pkgbase.

Actually, you can mitigate that in installing right now “linux-cachyos-rc-nvidia”.

We are working on a solution for that.

I see, that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much!