Computer does not wake up from sleep

Hello, how are you ?

Has anyone ever had the problem on cachyOS, when my PC goes to sleep, when I press a key on the keyboard or the power button on the computer, the computer turns back on (I see it on fan noise and the RGB of my case) my keyboard lights up and my mouse also. But my screen tells me that there is no DP signal (the keyboard no longer responds from this moment on, I see it the fact that when I press VerNum, the LED linked to this button does not change status)

My GPU is a 3080 Founders Edition, I have the last version of the driver by the repo of cachyOS (555).

This service is also enable : nvidia-suspend.service, nvidia-hibernate.service, and nvidia-resume.service .

I set this params : NVreg_PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations=1

I have also create a Swap partition of 8GB on the same drive that contain all my system. The swap is on by the command : swapon

Sometimes in rare case my computer wake up but i have like 10% chance of that happening.

I use Gnome.

Do you have some suggestion to help me please :blush: ?

Thanks you for reading me

Which systemd version you have installed?

I answer you in 2hours, i have not my computer to check that immediatly :slight_smile:

I’ve had some similar problem on my pc with windows also so it can be bios settings related, check your bios settings or check if there is bios update for your motherboard. I have MSI motherboard

There has been also a report with the BORE Scheduler, which we use as default today.
Im wondering, if this is the case - but the issue is differently explained:

@ptr1337 systemd 256.1-1
@mafdk i havent the problem on fedora or windows

I would check tonight to swith to an older kernel

Witch kernel do you recommend (i am using cachyos-v3/linux-cachyos 6.9.5-2) ?

Could you maybe try with the “linux-cachyos-eevdf” kernel, and check if the issue is still present?

Always present on eevdf :confused:

New thing that I hadn’t mentioned before, sometimes the standby is done in 10 seconds and sometimes it takes several minutes like my computer fan and the RGB light on the box takes several minutes to go out, I think we are close to the BORE problem mentioned earlier