Cachyos w/NVIDIA drivers and hyprland

hi so I’m trying CachyOS for the first time. I’m planning to overwrite my Windows install with it, but I have a system with a RTX 3060 Ti. I want to use Hyprland with it too. Is there a easy way to install the nvidia drivers and hyprland? Thanks!

Hello CachyOs Based on internet installer that means You will be able to easily select Hyperland As your Deafult WM and there is many others to select from ( But if you are New to linux i dont recommend Hyperland Use Kde Or Gnome instead ) .

And for nvidia it detect automatically your driver and install it so dont worry about that .

hey, sorry for late response but it wont boot even with ventoy


CachyOS does automatically configure and install the NVIDIA Drivers. If you are new, then i would not really suggest to use hyprland, since it has here and there bugs, which can be quite annoying.

Also they oficially do not give any support on hyprland and with that also not really fixing issue, which are affected with nvidia.

i couldnt get it to work so I installed it on my laptop with hyprland and I can see what u were talking about (rofi says mode emoji not found)


edit line with rofi in ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf

replaces line with this bind = CTRL, SPACE, exec, rofi -show combi -modi window,run,combi -combi-modi window,run

I can’t even get it to boot on my Desktop ventoy didnt boot nor did cachy usb boot

You need to disable secure boot