CachyOS Performance Checklist for True PerformanceHeads

I’m making this long list of optimizations you can try and play around with. Its purpose is to show you the path to squeezing every last drop of performance out of your system. Feel free to suggest changes using this Topic or GitHub.

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But regarding the filesystem, XFS is not the fastest for regular desktops.

The fastest is btrfs, thanks to the compression. Here are all the benchmarks with detailed information as to why.

The only reason why you would want to use XFS is for very specific use cases, i.ex if you are working primarily with incompressible data in video production, etc… you would perhaps put XFS on a data disc for that purpose (but even then btrfs automatically detects incompressible data and doesn’t compress it anyway).

But for a desktop root drive, including gaming, etc… btrfs is the best (there are many more reasons for this). ext4, xfs, etc… are old generation filesystems. Btrfs is the next gen.

Btrfs also offers other advantages on other filesystems, like automatically taking care of ssd trim, so the fstrim timer isn’t needed. And it does this automatically in a deferred way with it’s own system workers so it doesn’t block the filesystem while busy (compared to other filesystems like f2fs that completely block the fs on deletes, this doesn’t happen with btrfs).

I am doing a lot of video production and gaming on btrfs. It’s so great that it has now replaced all of the other filesystems on my devices.

As for btrfs at scale, Meta has a fleet of millions of systems. Every single one is on btrfs. They are using nothing else, including their 70’000 developers.

To learn more, watch this video from the Linux Foundation: Btrfs at Scale: How Meta Depends on Btrfs for Our Entire Infrastructure - Josef Bacik, Meta (there’s some great info in there, including how they are going to replace the raid 5/6 with erasure coding → btrfs is getting better and better).


Why not Cachys version of Proton?

Can you benchmark the two? If proton-cachyos gets better FPS I’ll add it. Personally, I’ve had problems with it.