CachyOS kernel - drm/amdgpu revert

Has this issue been reported to any of the Linux Kernel mailing lists? It seems big enough to warrant an official revert and/or rework, if it breaks this much.

Re: Kernel upstream commit a6ff969fe9cbf369e3cd0ac54261fec1122682ec - “drm/amdgpu: fix visible VRAM handling during faults”

I see this was mentioned here:


We have reverted it for the 6.8 Kernel but it has been only built for linux-cachyos 6.8.9-3 in the repository.
This issue is reported to AMD and they know about this issue.

Ive also added a report to archlinux, so they maybe consider to revert it in their kernel, but so far no response.


If youre on CachyOS, could you maybe test the latest 6.9 Kernel?
There seems to be a fix from AMD side and I didnt included it into our 6.9 Kernel, would be helpful to get feedback for the final release.

I’m actually mostly on vanilla Arch, but running the Cachy kernel. I could check that out later, but I run services from this machine, so I don’t like rebooting too often if I can help it. Also, I only had Resizable BAR disabled because my board defaulted to enabling CSM, which force disabled it. Thanks, Gigabyte.

I will possibly look into testing the 6.9 kernel with the official fix later, assuming AMD needs more testers to check it.