Cachyos isn't loading

I wanted to change from windows 10 to linux cachy and this error occured:

Is there any way to resolve this?

You connected to the internet !?
Because it need internet in order to install

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I can not reproduce this issue here.
do you have the latest ISO?

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I’m not good at this things, So I don’t know how to see if I have the latest version of ISO.
Could you show me?

Yes I’m connected to the internet

Please download the latest ISO from here:

after that you put it on your USB Stick or equal. Ventoy would be probably the easiest way.
Also see:

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Thx really much, yes it was an old version of chacy.
Explanation: I installed the cachy os program three days ago, right after I changed the program to cachy, the program(cachy) got updated and thanks to you Now I can use it.
Thx again