Bug visual in meta+w windows

There is a small visual bug when you click meta+w in KDE plasma and the screen is reduced. Because I couldn’t find an easy-to-find explanation for how to name this state that the work area is in when you press meta+w, I’m going to name it like this here. What I want to inform you is that this bug occurs when the desktop is reduced and when you move the mouse arrow over the windows present there to choose the other windows, sometimes they disappear, but the one that was chosen remains.


This actually needs to be reported to https://bugs.kde.org.

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hi, I’m going to do it

I think the problem was solved, I just don’t know how it went. Lastly I updated the global theme for one made for kde 6.0. But before that between my post and the global theme change there were two updates, one for gtk5.0 and one for python I don’t know what there. Even some leftovers of small images that remained when a menu was closed also disappeared. It’s poison to my ADHD because everything looks so pretty.

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