ARM future for CachyOS

With the exciting release of the new Snapdragon ARM Laptops and more ARM SOCs rumored to be build by Mediatek + Nvidia, I was wondering if there are any plans to support the ARM architecture with CachyOS.


Generally, we would like to have an ARM(64) variant, but we would also like to base on archlinux.

Since archlinuxarm is not in the best state, we are waiting that the situation improves. Arch worked on a RFC for “official” Architecture Ports, but so far there is nothing done.

The “official” Architecture Ports means, that this is maintained by different people but with the same infrastructure/maintainance as archlinux (e.g pkgver same, following the pkgbuild and co).

Currently, its pretty hard to contribute to archarm and gets more or less fully ignored, reason we also did not touch it yet.

So, tldr:
It is planned, but it also depends on the development of archlinuxarm

Snapdragon is currently not working on Linux tho.