Annoying stuttering in browsers

Hello everybody I’m new here :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is doing awesome and well. :grin:

Before we get started I would like to mention that this distro is really awesome and I love it, however there is one issue.

Now I am very new to linux so I am not sure if this an actual issue or a limitation of some sort…

Okay so let’s get into it.

Unlike in windows, scrolling anywhere in the browser and or watching youtube videos is very stuttery and I get alot of frame drops… I get more frame drops if the video I watch on YT is 60fps.

This is really annoying me and is the only issue I have with linux, this issue is distro agnostic meaning it happens on every single distro I install, also DE and windowing compositor agnostic.

I first tried cachy browser(with RFP disabled ofc since it causes frame drops even in windows, I know this bcs I run Librewolf in windows) but upon further investigation all browsers seem to have this issue… So far I tried (cachy browser, firefox, librewolf, brave, chromium, edge… you name it…)

I am running everything on latest updates.

Steps to replicate: install the distro, install and open any browser and test youtube ( I usually test with this video…

Is there a way I can maybe fix this? I heard that people have a flawless experience with amd and intel using VAAPI. Can anyone confirm?? I am really curious. :thinking: Maybe this is an nvidia issue or whatever…

Although on another note… I tried playing the same video in mpv which resulted in a flawless experience which makes me think this is a browser issue with hardware acceleration?

But again as a linux noob… Idk nothing so myb there is a package I need to install or I need to change some setting? No linux youtuber I watch mention this issue…

Pc specs:
Ryzen 5 1600af
GTX 1650 Super
16GB 3200Mhz
B450M DS3H

Looking forward to your response :heart:
Thank you in advance.


Actually, some browser dont have VAAPI support with NVIDIA.
You can do following to get this in Firefox:

with content:


Also, for further firefox based instructions you can use following:

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Hello ptr,

Thanks for your response!

I looked at the github link and it seems kind of complicated to me as a linux noob…
Idk how to do it even…

Do you think people who have an amd gpu have a better experience? It is not a problem for me to buy an amd gpu if it will fix my issue.